Dot Motorcycle Manuals for Mechanics

Dot Motorcycle Manuals for Mechanics

Dot Motorcycle manuals have never been abundent always
Hard to Find. A snip of info here and there.
I have created this Data Download to try and balance things a little

I have included all of the Villiers Engines used by Dot
and a few that were not std engines but have migrated to Dot bikes
over the decades Check out the list below it speeks for it's self.
Very useful for Restoration projects

Dot 1951 Specifications sheet
Dot 250cc 350cc Two Stroke Rotor Stator Wipac RCA 1959
Dot 350 RCA Wiring- Points Gap - Electrics.

Dot Competition c 1954 manual and parts.

Dot Demon Presentation 1962.
DOT ID Library.
Dot Motorcycles Charge Calculations

Dot Motorcycles History By the Manual Man.
Dot Motorcycles Using Villiers engines.
Dot Paint Colours.
DOT pdf Photo Gallery.

Dot RCA wipac Service Altenator Testing.
Dot Roadster Wiring Diagram.
Dot S2 1950s Ampmeter_Electrical Parts.
A brief history of DOT Motorcycles.

Beddgelert Run on August Bank Holiday 1907.
Dot Scrambler Trials Press Releese.
Dot that never was.
Harry Reed years (1903–1926).
ID Your Doty

Dot Villiers Engines

Villiers 2T & 3T manual & spares 1961
Villiers 8E Operation & Parts manual.
Villiers Mk 2T & 3T manual & spares 1961

Villiers Mk4T 4TSK 4TSRK Type 225-2 parts 1964
Villiers 31c 2-3L 9-19-11E 31 to 37 A Parts manual

Villiers 9E 11E 2L 3L 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 a 1962 Operators Manual_
Villiers Dynastart

British Anzani dynastart Mag twin

Racing engine analysed
Silverstone Racer Specification book
Dot Magneto wiring data
Starmaker Operation manual -
Villiers engine stripdown

Villiers Small MC Engines
Villiers Mk 1F instructions & spares 1956
Villiers Mk V1A, B and C parts 1926
Villiers 4F manual & spares 1954
Villiers Junior De Luxe 98cc manual & spares 1946 (
Book of the villiers engine 1960
Villiers Mk 1 H Motorcycle Engine manual
Villiers MK 2 and 3 midget
Villiers MK 4 F motorcycle engine manual

All on one Data Download
Self running simply pop in your drive and go!
Select from the menu easy to use easy to print from.

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