Transportapp Ionic Full App + Backend (PHP) + MySql DB + SourceCode

Application for the tracking of coordinates, control and delivery of orders, module development for tracking through the gps and where these coordinates are captured in our backend system made in PHP. This system is also available the code of the backend is given after having acquired the application of ionic

Can be turned off or on the coordinate capture is done through the background continuously and sent to a database in mysql, then display the tracking in google maps

Functioning List of Orders Order Details Report Form (Audio, Image, Text) Map to locate the direction of the orders (Google Maps). Using the plugins

Google Maps


Plugin for Indications Address


Audio recording



You must add the platforms to the project, either android or iOS

The application contains all the programming logic for storing coordinates, captured through time, as well as storing the SQLite database, already contains all the tables of the structure, this very complete code for use and improvements , It works with the backend realized in php through the handling of http

When you get the app in ionic you get the backend code that currently works with the application, and also a demo.

In the following link and Demo App:

User: 540698 

Pass: armando22



User mobile app: 17972057

Pass mobile app: 17972057
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