CIS 296 Week 5 Team Troubleshooting Flowchart Final Project

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CIS 296 Week 5 Team: Troubleshooting Flowchart Final Project
Finalize the final draft of the Troubleshooting Flowchart Final Project (Appendix A).

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

Appendix A


Troubleshooting Flowchart Final Project


Your team is in charge of computer maintenance and troubleshooting at a major U.S. retailer. Business has been growing fast, and your company is about to open several new facilities across the country. Management has asked your team to develop a short troubleshooting diagnostic tool for the most common problems faced by new IT employees at these facilities.


After some consideration, your team decides to create a handbook containing troubleshooting flowcharts that address the most common computer issues.


For your final Project, you will create the handbook described, which includes a Master Flowchart (see the PDF provided in Week One) and 15 corresponding troubleshooting flowcharts. You may use a Microsoft® Word document, a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, or a Microsoft® Visio® diagram to build your Troubleshooting Flowcharts. Multiple flowchart examples are provided in both Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® PowerPoint® formats (as PDF files). In collaboration with your Learning Team, you are responsible for creating the following 10 flowcharts:


Flowchart #1 – Notebooks


Flowchart #2 – Electrical


Flowchart #3 – I/O Devices


Flowchart #4 – Power Supply


Flowchart #5 – Motherboard


Flowchart #6 – Memory


Flowchart #7 – Multimedia Device


Flowchart #11 – OS/Application Installation


Flowchart #14 – Security and Malicious Software


Flowchart #15 – Social Engineering


The following five flowcharts are provided. These flowcharts are examples of what you should create with your team. Include them with your final project:


Flowchart #8 – Hard Drive (Appendix C)


Flowchart #9 – Loading Windows Vista® or Windows® 7 (Appendix D)


Flowchart #10 – Loading Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP (Appendix E)


Flowchart #12 – Networks (Appendix F)


Flowchart #13 – Printers (Appendix G)


Note: Your handbook does not need to be formatted according to APA guidelines. You may create your flowcharts in a Microsoft® Word document, a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, or a Microsoft® Visio® diagram. Graphics, photos, tables, charts, and hypertext links to known documented solutions may be included when necessary.
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