EzQueue [Multi Lobby] [Bungee] [Server Priority Queue] 2.0

First come first serve bungee queue system with premium priority!


This plugin is a first come first serve queue plugin that allows you to give your donators priority over others. It supports multiple lobbies, and also features a Queue Info sign so you can display how many donators are in front of the normal players in the queue. Players can enter the queue via /play or sign if setup.

Wait-list queue with first-come first-server capabilities
Give your donators priority over other players so they get into the server faster (great for HCF servers)
Supports multiple lobbies
Configurable server limits
Configurable send delay (to prevent flooding)
Queue Signs
Queue Info Signs
Commands to pause and unpause the queue (for maintenance mode)
Great for Hardcore Faction servers
EULA friendly

Unzip the file once downloaded
Put the EzQueueServer.jar into your Bungee plugin folder
Put the EzQueueClient.jar into your Spigot plugin folder
Start up both to generate the default configurations
Setup servers and ranks in your Bungee plugin folder
Setup sign design and ranks in your Spigot plugin folder (make sure ranks match those in the Bungee config)
Setup signs using '/ezqueue createjoinsign/createinfosign <server'

Spigot link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ezqueue-multi-lobby-bungee-server-priority-queue.24061/
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