Remove All Witchcraft and Curses

Before you can shield yourself from any demonic curses or witchcraft you have to remove the darkness. Whatever plagues you from dark witchcraft or sorts sorcery curses and even demonic entities from this dimension or other dimensions. Whatever they've done to you must be removed before you put up any sort of energetic shielding.

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Father Vincent Lampert, head priest at St. Malachy's in Indianapolis, Indiana has called for more people to be trained as exorcists to fight what has been called an "army of demons."

Father Vincent Lampert blames pornography and illegal drug taking for the rise in the number of people being 'possessed by the devil'

The priest is just one of 400 Catholic leaders claimed to have gathered in Rome in October in order to plan how to recruit and train more exorcists.’

The 22-year-old awoke in the night 'possessed by the devil' and screaming death threats to her family.
As a result, they decided an exorcism was necessary to fight these evils.

They threw bowls of water on her and sucked her eyeballs in an attempt to rid Janet of the devil, sadly resulting in her death.
But why does Father Vincent believe so many people are possessed by the devil?
“We’re in a fight with drugs, the occult, pornography,” he said, describing these habits as: "an entry point for evil."
Janet Moses was a mom killed by her family members when they tried to rid her of demons by filling her lungs with water and sucking the evil out her eyeballs in 2007

He went on to explain: "We need to take these souls back.”

Vincent claims he recently was forced to chase a demon out of one of his parishioners who had been cursed by his mother-in-law.
And the priest warns that without new recruits, there are no longer enough exorcists to deal with the growing devil problem in the world.

“Exorcism is like triage. We’re the emergency crew — but there aren’t enough of us,” Lampert explained to The New York Post.
Worryingly, he's not the only person that is concerned about the rise in devils due to porn and illegal drugs.
Valter Cascioli, a psychologist and scientific consultant for the exorcist's association has also raised his concerns over the growing number of people claiming to be 'possessed by the devil'.

In an interview with the Italian Newspaper, La Stampa, he said: “The lack of exorcists is a real emergency.”

I have developed these tools to help combat this growing problem around the world. The talisman and audio prayer are essential tools to cast out these negative daemonic energies that play so many in these darkening times.

Simply play the audio file over and over until you are free from this demonic possession. You can also play the audio file through a Radionic a box to target a specific location such as a town or home. This allows you to house doubt this demonic presence from the comfort of your home. Just after playing the audio file and using the talisman your home and neighborhood will feel completely different. Even playing the audio file at almost 0 volume will have an incredible effect on the people and places around you.

This technology is battle tested in real world Spiral Warfare.
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