PSY 420 Week 1 Reinforcement Procedures Paper

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PSY 420 Week 1 Reinforcement Procedures

Consider the
following scenario:

 A mom is trying to increase the amount of peas that her two
children eat. She uses a sticker chart to monitor the amount of peas they are
consuming and rewards them based on the number of stickers they have at the end
of the week. The mom has found that this works for one child, but not the

 Write a
350- to 700-word paper discussing the following:

  • Identify the behavior that the
    mom is trying to reinforce.

  • Identify the method of
    reinforcement being used.

  • Explain possible reasons for this
    method working for one child and not the other.

  • Propose and outline three ideas
    that may work to increase pea consumption for the children, and include
    one method that uses negative reinforcement.

Format your
paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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