Soul Of Lovers Rock Mix

Sweet smooth reggae lovers rock songs put together. Playlist: 1.Daville - Promises 2.Gappy Ranks - Danger in the night 3.J Boog - It's alright 4.Sinead O'connor - How about i be me 5.Chalice - Our anniversary 6.Lady Lex - Wanna be 7.Maddy Carty - Endlessly 8.Nadine Sutherland - Truly baby {forever} 9.NNikesha Lindo - Caution 10.Rekha - Waiting on you 11.Ammoye - Radio 12.Corroll Thomson - Can't Get you out out of my head 13.Jannet Key - Didn't you know 14.Sadiki - Before the time 15.Tony Anthony - Living in glory 16.Adele Harley - Remember 17.Amique - Our love 18.Baby Chris - Must be love 19.Chris Martin -Link pon u friend 20.D'Angel - Mothers Love 21.George - Nooks loving you 22.So lonely