FXSONIC CIRCUIT JAM 06062017 - Session & Samples File

This is a single session file for my jam. You can upload this file through Novation Components site (components.novationmusic.com) and play this session on your Novation Circuit.

File Content
Single Session Circuit File - FXSONIC06062017_SingleSession.syx
Sample Pack - FXSONIC06062017_Sample.syx

How to:
- Extract FXSONIC06062017.rar file using winrar to your computer
- Connect your circuit to Novation Components site (https://components.novationmusic.com/) or standalone components app on your computer
- Upload FXSONIC06062017_SingleSession.syx file in sessions tab by clicking change content choose upload
- Upload FXSONIC06062017_Sample.syx file in samples tab by clicking change content then choose upload

Have fun!
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