Managerial Accounting: E10-16 AirQual Test Corporation provides on-site air quality testing services

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Managerial Accounting
E10-16 Flexible Budget Performance Report
AirQual Test Corporation provides on-site air quality testing services. The company has provided the following data concerning its operations:
Fixed component per month Variable component per job Actual total for February
Revenue 360 18,950
Technician wages 6,400 6,450
Mobile lab operating expenses 2,900 35 4,530
Offi ce expenses 2,600 2 3,050
Advertising expenses 970 995
Insurance 1,680 1,680
Miscellaneous expenses 500 3 465

The company uses the number of jobs as its measure of activity. For example, mobile lab operating expenses should be $2,900 plus $35 per job, and the actual mobile lab operating expenses for February were $4,530.
The company expected to work 50 jobs in February, but actually worked 52 jobs.

Prepare a flexible budget performance report showing AirQual Test Corporation's activity variances and revenue and spending variances for February.
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