347 : Fiat 126 struggling - Starring Miss Tiffany

Miss Tiffany can't wait to drive her old Fiat 126. Today is a cold morning and she knows how temperamental that car is during winter, but she has great fun with that car so she really want to try her best to fire it up!

She gets in the car while wearing a short black dress and high heel sandals while thinking about the amazing drive she will do soon after. She turns the key and the car doesn't start! But she knows it's normal, it's very cold today so she knows the engine has to warm up a bit.

She just have to pump some gas into the engine with her pedal! She tries again but still nothing! There has to be something wrong... She pumps more gas and still nothing happens...

She gets more and more worried and angry at the car, as she can't manage to crank the car! She checks under the hood to see if there is any disconnected cable, but everything seems normal! What can be the issue?

She needs the car to start, cause otherwise she will be stranded and she can't go to work, so she goes back and tries all that she knows to fire it up! Why this engine doesn't work today?
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