Breakfast Ride

*** Special Promo *** Buy this clip and "Angeles City - Clip 1" and "Angeles City - Clip 2" and receive an additional video for free! Important: use the same email!!! Email me from the email you used to buy the 3 videos and tell me which clip you want, any clip in my collection, you pick, and I'll send it to you directly for free. Email me you free clip request here: [email protected] ************************** A 10 minute HD video, where I'm smoking dangling my cigar and inhaling it. I really enjoy smoking a good cigar and getting some yummy thick cigar smoke in my lungs when I wake up, it's the perfect way to start my day, a good cigar for breakfast, before going on a ride. You know you're a real cigar smoker when you crave a good cigar when you wake up. Lots of dangling on this video, with a thick cigar, I hope you'll find it as sexy as it felt for me.
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