Scared Dog Audio

Is Your Dog Scared of Fireworks?

What about thunder, yard equipment, household appliances and other loud noises?

Scared Dog Audio is the solution and is a MUST for every dog owner. Scared Dog Audio is a natural drug free solution to desensitize your dog from environmental noises and phobias.


  • Features over 50 tracks of common noise problems

  • Exposure to a wide range of sounds and stimuli

  • Work on specific problems

  • You're in control of managing your dog's exposure to the audio

  • Overcome noise fears and phobias in the privacy of your home

  • NO Gimmicks

STOP medicating your dog during loud holidays (4th of July & New Years Eve)
STOP worrying about your dog’s behavior during lightning and thunder storms
STOP dressing your dog in funny clothing

Puppy Owners this purchase is a No Brainer for you. Desensitize your puppy to the environment today so you can have a confident, well-adjusted adult dog tomorrow.

Desensitize your dog from environmental noises, fears and phobias working at your own pace from the comfort of your home without drugs or gimmicks!

Instant MP3 download for only $4.99.

Start desensitizing your dog TODAY!

Scared Dog Audio Playlist

  1. Helicopter

  2. Drill

  3. Vehicle Backing Beeping Noise

  4. Thunder

  5. Gun Shots

  6. Dog Barking - Small

  7. Thunder

  8. Buzzer

  9. Distant Boom and Shockwave

  10. Leaf Blower

  11. Kids Laughing and Screaming

  12. Fireworks

  13. Bongo Drums

  14. Blender

  15. Glass Breaking

  16. Gun Shots

  17. Car Horn

  18. Baby Crying

  19. Lawn Mower

  20. Clock Striking

  21. Sirens

  22. Vacuum Cleaner

  23. Thunder

  24. Garbage Disposal

  25. Drag Racing

  26. Big Dog Barking

  27. Circular Saw

  28. Car Wash (from inside of car)

  29. Gun Shots

  30. Loud Vehicle

  31. Drums

  32. Fireworks

  33. Cuckoo Clock

  34. Weed Eater

  35. Oven Timer

  36. Thunder

  37. Car Alarm

  38. Explosion

  39. Automatic Machine Gun

  40. Whistles

  41. Jack Hammer

  42. Car Horn

  43. Tires Screeching

  44. Sirens

  45. Wind Chimes

  46. Fireworks

  47. Alarm Clock

  48. Motorcycle

  49. Thunder, Rain and Siren

  50. Chainsaw

  51. Rock Concert Crowd

  52. Fireworks - Grand Finale and Big Ending

How To Use Scared Dog Audio

  • Never leave your pet unattended while playing this audio

  • Put your dog or puppy in a familiar area or room where they are relaxed and comfortable

  • Start out playing Scared Dog Audio at a low level that is barely audible to you

  • Play the audio a couple of times per day if possible

  • If your dog shows any signs of anxiety, fear or stress, remain calm and distract your dog through play, food or training exercises

  • Never reward unwanted behavior

  • If your dog reacts to the audio do not pet your dog, coax your dog or give verbal attention

  • Always reward desired behavior through veral praise, treats, petting and play

  • Vary the times and locations of the when and where the audio is played

  • Always associate fun and positive events when exposing your dog to Scared Dog Audio

  • As you dog progresses, gradually increase the audio volume in small increments

  • The desired end result of Scared Dog Audio is to play this audio training tool very loud and have your dog's reaction be total indifference

Once your dog has become desensitized to the sounds on Scared Dog Audio continue to use on an ongoing basis as maintenance. Seasonal sounds, such as fireworks during the 4th of July and New Year's Eve, should be brushed up on before the actual event.
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