MonteCarlo Project Solution

For this assignment you will turn in:


In class(10pts):


1.       A statement of the problem (typed)


2.       An explanation of your solution (typed)


3.       A flowchart (hand-drawn or computer generated)


4.       Pseudocode (typed)


Via BlackBoard(40pts):


1.       C program named <username_monte_carlo.c




Follow the steps that we have outlined in class for algorithm development to generate a program that estimates the value of π using a Monte Carlo simulation. See the following website for some additional details:






1.  void getRandomXY(*float x, *float y)


a.       gives a random (x,y) pair


2.  int insideCircle(float x, float y)


a.       returns whether the point is inside the circle (0-false, 1-true)


*  This is the minimum functions that you must use. You may use others if you like. Outputs:


1.       Your estimated value of π




1.       This is individual work. You may NOT work in groups.


2.       Please staple all work together.


3.       You are expected to error check.


4.       For code: No compile = No points, no exceptions!


5.       Start Early! This will take some research: Monte Carlo Method, using Random variables, etc.
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