A giant monster attacked the warehouse yesterday morning the warehouse makes sneakers.

A giant monster attacked the sneakers warehouse yesterday morning.

At 3PM I will be feeding the ducks. At the park. 

I will be feeding the ducks in the park at 3PM.

They is both happy.
subject–verb agreement

They are both happy.

This morning I watch TV before I drove here.
verb form and tense

This morning I watched TV before I drove here.
The bank robber escaped from the bank. With some money. 

The bank robber escaped with money from the bank.

That brand of car goes very fast, which is why many people wants them.
subject–verb agreement

Many people want this brand of car because it goes very fast.

Grammar quizzes can be tough there is a lot to learn it is hard to remember I find that it gets easier with practice.

Grammar quizzes are tough because there are lots to learn. It is hard to remember but it gets easier with practice

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