Class House Solution

Your assignment is to implement Excercise P5.18 on page 264 of the book.

Design a class House that defines a house on a street. A House has an int house number and an Point location. The key member function is draw, which draws the house at location. The draw function should also write the house number on the house using the message object. Next, design a class Street. An object of type Street stores two House objects called first and last and the number of houses, num_houses, on the street which is an int. Street also has a member function called plot. Plot should draw evenly spaced houses starting at first ending with last. The number of houses plotted is equal to number of houses on the street. Use these classes in a graphics program in which the user clicks with the mouse on the locations of the first and last house, then enters the house numbers of the first and last house, and the number of houses on the street. Then the entire street is plotted.

Note: you will have to write constructors as well as number of helper member functions such as get_first() etc. If you think you will need a member function just write one.

Extra credit

Each house has a chimney and produces smoke randomly as in the graphics intro handout. Implemented in an inteligent way. (+1pts)

Q: Do we have to account for situation where number of houses entered is greater than the difference between the address of house 1 and house 2. Eg what if house 1 has address 1 and house 2 has address 5 and we have 10 houses on the street. What should happen?

A: Yes. You will have to account for this. Some houses will have the same house number. So if you have 10 houses and first house has number 1 and last house number 5. Then each time address changes by 4/9. This gives the house numbers: 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3,4 ,4,5

Q: Do we have to account for a situation where first house has a larger house number than the second house?

A: Yes.

Q: Is it ok if the houses overlap?

A: Yes.

Q: In the street class, is it necessary for the objects to store the the first house and the last house, or can they instead store the x,y coordinates of the first and last houses?

A: Street class has to have two houses.

What to Turn in
Upload to ccle the source file.


Correctly defined House and Street class.
Constructors and member functions correctly defined and used.
Program functions as described.
Street class uses House class efficiently as described.
Variable names, comments, indentation, no global variables, uses functions wisely.
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