HS 235 Week 3 Public Assistance Program Review

HS 235 Week 3 Public Assistance Program Review

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HS 235 Week 3 Public Assistance Program Review
Read the article from the social security adminstration located at http://www.ssa.gov/history/jh25.html and perform the following:

Use the articles or videos from this week's reading as a resource and guide as an aid to completing this assignment. 
Conduct an internet search and locate information about Jane. M. Hoey. Who was she? What did she accomplish?
Read each sub topic of the article (in purple, there will be 9 subtopics)
Consider the textbook statement from DiNItto (2011) where it states, "'Everyone is on welfare' because the government helps all people, some directly through social welfare programs, others through various tax incentives" (p. 28). 
Write a 1,050-to 1,400-word paper answering the following questions:

Why is there a need for public assistance?
Does your own personal view of public assistance create roadblocks for helping people in need?
Do you believe public assistance is a solution to community problems? Do you believe public assistance can add to community problems?
Respond to the Nitto statement whether you agree or disagree.
If you were tasked with creating a public assistance program to help in your community, what would you call the program, provide 3 guidelines to your program, and write a mission statement related to your program.
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