64 Lightroom Presets Collection

Welcome to Lightroom Presets by Frederick Ardley

This complete collection of Lightroom CC presets has been created through the course of my career as a fine art photographer. They fit specific styles, scenes, and genres of photography.

64 creative Lightroom presets. Compatible with Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC and future releases. Compatible with Mac and PC. Works on RAW and JPEG images. Presets can be fully adjusted with all Lightroom settings.

VERSION 1.5 26th August 2016

Now includes install guide for Mac and Windows. Please note these presets are not designed for Photoshop. 

VERSION 1.4 19th August 2016

9 New presets including Architecture Steel and Glass, Architecture Blue, Architecture Pure Night+, Forests (Evening Light), Landscape (Fresh Morning) and Landscape (Mist on Fields).

VERSION 1.3 18th August 2016

This will be a constantly evolving collection. I started it with 26 presets, and having refined and release more (now 55 with version 1.3). I want to continue to expand this resource for photographers.


I am currently writing a how-to guide to explain the presets and when best to use them. I also want to expand this to include Lightroom How-tos. 

Once you download this collection every subsequent update will be free, just simply download again when a new version is released.

The 64 included:


Architecture (Bath Spa)
Architecture - Dubai (Blue Glass) Landscape
Architecture (Blue)
Architecture (Bright-)
Architecture (Bright)
Architecture (Bright+)
Architecture (Business Bay-)
Architecture (Business Bay+)
Architecture (Classical)
Architecture (Crisp)
Architecture (Dark)
Architecture (Glass and Steel-)
Architecture (Glass and Steel)
Architecture (Glass and Steel+)
Architecture (Light)
Architecture Low Blue)
Architecture (Pure Night-)
Architecture (Pure Night)
Architecture (Pure Night+)
Architecture + Sun (Centred Radial Filters)
Architecture + Sun


Black and White (Blue Cast)
Black and White (Cathedral Interior)
Black and White (Low Contrast)
Black and White (Tonal)
Black and White #1 (Soft)
Black and White #2 
Black and White #3 (All)
Black and White #3 (Landscape Aspect Only)
Black and White #4 (Extreme Landscape)
Black and White#5 (Mountains)
Black and White - Forest (Enhanced Light)
Black and White - Portrait (Warm)
Black and White - Portrait #2


Fog (Cool)
Fog (Warm)
Forests (Evening Light)


Landscape (Autumn-)
Landscape (Autumn)
Landscape (Autumn+)
Landscape (Autumn++)
Landscape (Autumn+++)
Landscape (Brecon Beacons)
Landscape (Dark Mountains)
Landscape (Early Morning)
Landscape (Evening)
Landscape (Fresh Morning)
Landscape (High Contrast Day)
Landscape (Mist on Fields)
Landscape (Powerful Sun)
Landscape (Soft Clouds)
Landscape (Sunrise)
Low Light (Enhanced)
Low Light (Extreme Drama)
Scottish Portrait (Warm)
Scottish Portrait
Ships of the Past (Add Clarify Brush)
Soft Beach


Tones of an Old Master
Tones of Cumbria
Tones of Glaciers
Tones of Milan
Tones of the Highlands
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