Acct344 Cost Accounting: Week 7 Problem 1. Peaceful Corporation

Acct344 Cost Accounting
Week 7

Problem 1:
Peaceful Corporation manufactures figurines based on the following information.
Standard costs -
Materials (4 ounces at $5) $20
Direct labor (1 hour per unit) $8
Variable overhead (based on direct labor hours) $4
Fixed overhead budget $19,000
Actual results and costs -
Materials purchased:
Units 9,000
Cost $39,600
Materials used in production
Finished product units 2,000
Raw material (ounces) 8,200
Direct labor hours 2,000
Direct labor cost $20,000
Variable overhead costs $5,980
Fixed overhead costs $19,500

1. Prepare a performance report for Peaceful using the following headings.
a. Actual Production Costs
b. Flexible Budget Costs
c. Flexible Budget Variances
2. Compute the following variances (show calculations).
a. Materials usage variance
b. Labor rate variance
c. Labor efficiency variance
d. Variable overhead spending variance
e. Variable overhead efficiency variance
f. Fixed overhead budget variance
3. Give one possible explanation for each of the six variances computed in part b.
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