PDF file that you can download to any PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone that can display PDF files. We have to admit The Book Of The American Game Dog Times Vol 2 is one of the wildest literary rides. The only time I have ever had so much fun enjoying any book cover to cover would be when I read Bullyson and His Sons. This stuff will answer for you so many questions and give you insight into the breed and what made the top 1% of dogs and owners tick. These are not just a cut and dry expose on the breed and their supporters. But a journey through the events from 1990 to 1992 taken in 8-week snapshots. The entire following plus more are in this new book: Honeybunch on the first cover of the AGDT The Story Of Bolio by Pat Patrick Patrick has a full-page ad with pups by Howler, No Regrets & La Bomba Story on Holcomb's Champion Miss Pool Hall Red Ads from Garner with Frisco at stud and an ad for Giest's Easy for sale Subscriber's Forum - Letters to the magazine Full-page photo of Jack William and Williams Tim St Benedict's Raleigh by Barney Fife Pups for sale by Otter's Ch Crock Dutch's Ch Tiger at Stud Carry on The Valhalla Tradition.... the story of Ed Faron buying Earnest Hollingsworth yard written by Ed. 12 Great Mysteries of the dogs The DLC Keep Snakeman's Gr Ch Pedro on the cover of second issue Full-page picture of Gr Ch Melonhead The Times Square Snakeman full page ad Story On Grand Ch Pedro with 6-generation pedigree The Downfall of Rebel Kennels Subscriber's Forum including a letter from Norman Hooten reacting to the story written by Patrick on Bolio. Norman gives his viewpoint as the man that hand raised Bolio up to the point from puppy to being sold as a grown dog. Smiley vs. Champion Bonnie by Barney Fife Mysticism by Don Mayfield Mayfield's Dibo At Stud The Times always kept artists in the fold. You will find a lot of art in this book and the series to come. I look now at a nice pencil drawing of an apt riding a Harley. Gillis Gismo at Stud The Rose By Don Mayfield. One of the best stories Mayfield ever wrote. Clear solid tale of going to south Texas and doing some dealing Full-page picture of Hubbard's Gimp Tribute to a Grand Champion- Melonhead Part One of The Mountain Man Interview by Ed Faron Patrick's Keno by Pat Patrick The Truth About Mayfield's Snake by Pat Patrick Front Cover McClains Ch Lucifer Tribute to the Great Unknown by Harris Bro II Champion Speed at Stud Grand Champion Country at Stud STP's Revenge vs Ozzie's Cholly Boy by Pocono Rick Don Mayfield's Open letter to Floyd Boudreaux Subscriber's Forum including letter on Ch Robert T Jr The Big Texas Convention by Gary Hammonds Mountain Man Interview Part 2 By Ed Faron The Real Story on Smith and Williams Grand Champion Badger Stud Reviews Champion Honeybunch by Holcomb Grand Champion Little Jack by Tom Ratliff Chen Leng and Princess and the Dallas Show by Pat Patrick Front Cover Double Grand Champion Tornado Patrick's Bull Boy Bob by Pat Patrick Story of Double Grand Champion Tornado Mountain Man Interview part 3 by Ed Faron Subscriber's forum including story of Dean Plemmons the man that bred Cotton's Bullet to Haley's Comet and more! Zebo vs Greaser written by the late Frank Bunce of Buns & Co Integrity in the 90's by Gary Hammonds Havana Boy's Handle at stud Tarheel Matt's Panther by Tarheel Matt Millbuster's Lady Heroin We are Who We Live by Don Mayfield - The Second Shot Fired in the Mayfield vs. Pat Patrick war. Gizmo at stud and pups by Alter Boy bred to Big Mama Interview by Ozzie of James Crenshaw The Story of Champion Gator and the events that led to the Truth Front Cover Patrick's Homer Stories on Patrick (Wright's) Homer and Patrick (Dennis') LaBomba by Pat Patrick The Times Square by Fat Bill My Answer to Don Mayfield by Pat Patrick (Mayfield vs Patrick part 3) Subscriber's Forum Parvo Cure from the Home of Ch Honeybunch More On Conditioning by Gary Hammonds A Story about Stories By Don Mayfield Full-page photo of Don Mayfield with his dog Dibo Full Page photo of Patrick's Labomba Starting Out In The Gamedogs By California Jack Story of Headhunter's Solution Full-page picture of Grand Champion Little Jack Story of Grand Champion Bear Trap Full-page picture of Goodman and Pete Sparks Back cover ad Patrick has pups for sale by Howler and Tiegs along with pups by Copperhead and Homer Front Cover Smig's Champion Boogie man with story on inside cover Times Square Full-page ad with Gary Hammonds studding Andy B Maurice Carver by Gary Hammonds Story on Brodt's Champion Ninja with his true pedigree Subscriber's Forum lots of fun letters and a good one on internal and external parasites Tarheel Matt's Panther at Stud Brodt's Omen at Stud A Story about Gamedog Dealing by Don Mayfield Champion Rush by Snakeman Open letter to Don Mayfield from Patrick as they continue to swing it out letter by letter. This is the good stuff. Why I Have Dogs By Righteous Rick Mayfield dogs Purest bred Family? Pure Bologna! By Pat Patrick Front cover War Paint's Champion Vito and story on inside front cover The Times Square - open letter to Don Mayfield Full Page picture of Champion Tucson Tumbleweed (son of Tonka ROM) Interview with Louie V. Full-page picture of son of Paladin- Zorro Subscriber's Forum - anything goes the down and dirty lives here. Full-page ad Ratliff had his Fat Man dog at stud Smig's Boogie man at Stud Steven's Troll at Stud Champion Cholly Boy at Stud Who was Grand Champion Virgil By Ozzie Stevens Pat Patrick presents Patrick's Double T Twister (double son of Tonka at Stud) and Howler, Chomps and No Regret Don Mayfield and Part 2 of Gamedog Dealing The Patrick Mayfield war continues as Patrick writes an open letter to Don Mayfield and the stuff hits the fan in this one!! A Visit to Maurice Carver 's Home by Pat Patrick Back cover full-page glossy picture of Indian Bolio Front Cover Roadblock's Grand Champion Joey with story and open challenge to Gr Ch Texas The Times Square Wildside's Mean Jolene Wildside full page ad with Abe, Bandit, Lucifer and Renegade at stud AAA Gamedog Report Subscriber's Forum Proud, tough Pete Sparks is a Pit Bull's Best Friend More On Smith Bandit by B Arelleno Mysterious and Deadly by Gary Hammonds Antibiotics By JR Galt MK's Champion Coco At Stud Patrick writes about Tom Griego and Ozzie Stevens Story about Shankbones Grand Champion Lionhead Front Cover Boone's Champion Lady Stone and story on the inside cover The Times Square Anderson's Champion Tonka by Pat Patrick East End Kennels Grand Champion Myra Full page ad with Thunderdome's Blackjack At Stud Carl Clark's Rite-On at Stud AAA Gamedog Report The Only In America Convention Story Ratliff's Gus at stud by Tom Ratliff - Full-page 6 generation pedigree Ratliff's Champion Missy story Subscriber's Forum This area developed into some of the best reading in the magazine. This book is the first time these letters have EVER been reprinted anywhere. Interview with Roadblock's Mr. T and McNasty Do We Still Have A Top Breeder by Don Mayfield The Metro Boys Butch by Moreno Martinez The Real Truth on Double Grand Champion Tornado - where she came from. By Joe Talley Photo of Raymond Holt with Jeremiah Front Cover Only In America's Champion Tyrone and story on inside front cover and 6 generation pedigree The Times Square Interview With Kimsey Woods By Ed Faron Oxygen: The Forgotten Therapy by JR Galt AAA Gamedog Report The Game Test By The Historian Photo of Rick Rude B & W's Champion Spice Story Bird's Eye View of The Convention by Pete Sparks Who was Sexton's Bubble's by Ozzie Steven's Subscriber's Forum Story on Bullworker's Big JohnFloyd Boudreaux - The Feathered Warrior Photo of Vinny and Floyd and Maverick Front Cover Champion John Wayne and story Times square and reproductions of the articles when AGDT was on the Front page of the Sunday paper!!! Subscriber's Forum AAA Gamedog Report The Greatest Fighting Dog Of All Time! How do you Know that? By Pat Patrick Negative Brucellosis Test Required - story about this dreaded problem. Full-page ad from Pit Bull Rick's Magic Line Pits Interview with Ronnie Duhon Ad for Don Carter's Bits On Pits Duhon's Ch T-bone at Stud Story on Duhon's Champion T Bone Interview with Sonny Johnson by Ed Faron Front Cover Grand Champion Savannah and her story The Times Square Pat Patrick on Explaining Percentages in Pedigrees AAA Gamedog Report Don Carter's Parvo VS Brodt's Raz Subscriber's Forum Full Page ad from Norman Hooten with pups by Belle Starr bred to Cool Hand Luke Jake Wilder Story
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