A bundle of 9 different ALL ORIGINAL highly stylized JOP colored LUT's. 9 different LUT's all used and taken from 9 specific JOP music videos.

Use these LUT's to dramatically color grade your footage.

Use the different color grades JOP himself created, and uses on his own videos to get the perfect cinematic look for your footage!

NOTE: LUT's work best with FLAT image picture profiles. But they can also work with other profiles (just might have to tweak levels a little more).

1. Sam King x Demrick- Smoke Good
2. Sam King- Matrix Trill OG
3. Mark Battles x Derek Luh- Hustle Back
4. Demrick- Don't Judge
5. Sam King X Futuristic- What I'm Talkin Bout
6. Benj x Cher Lloyd- What I Like
7. Demrick- My Religion
8. Demrick- Tone It Down
9. (BONUS) Sam King X Futuristic- What I'm Talkin Bout (Alternative)
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