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5 Final Examination
Complete the Final ExaminationMultiple Choice and True/False  1.
Raj is suing an organization, claiming that because he is an employee and not
an independent contractor, the organization should have withheld taxes for him.
All of these factors could be used to support his claim EXCEPT ____a) He receives no insurance or pension benefits.____b) He received training on company policies and procedures.____c) He is allowed great flexibility in scheduling his work time.____d) He is paid market rate for his services.____e) He is reimbursed for travel.  2.  When off the job, an employer cannot legally
control an employee’s behavior by prohibiting such things as riding a
motorcycle, skydiving, smoking, or drinking alcohol. ____a)True____b)False  3. 
Kenyata is the training manager of a Chicago-based company. She is
working on a training program for a subsidiary in Venezuela. The training program
focuses on work-related cultural differences in Venezuela and the United States.
It is very important for Kenyata to emphasize that: ____a) both Venezuela and the United States are individualistic
____b) both Venezuela and the United States are collectivist countries.____c) Venezuela
is a collectivist society whereas the United States is an individualistic
society.                             ____d) Spanish is the official language in Venezuela whereas English is the
official language in the United
____e) future orientation is highly valued and rewarded both in Venezuela and
the United States.  4.  Suppose you are the HR manager of an
organization that has just adopted the philosophy of continuous
improvement.  You can support improvement
programs in all of these ways except____a) Provide clear and extensive communication regarding the
organizational change.____b) Help employees overcome barriers to change.____c) Explain new performance expectations.____d) Design jobs very narrowly to ensure that employees can specialize
on a few tasks.____e) Train employees to adapt to the new work arrangement  5.  Vinita, the Vice-President of Human Resources
at ABC Products, starts her staff meeting with, “The work process engineering
we implemented last year was a good start. We need to overhaul four of the
other production areas within the next 18 months.  What do you think are reasonable goals and
objectives, based on last year’s work?” 
She is performing the management function of                 ____a) controlling.____b) leading.____c) organizing.____d) planning.____e) adapting.  6.  Chris is a human resource professional who is
currently working with line managers to reward those employees who are creative
and innovative.  Chris’s work is aligning
HR strategy with which organizational strategy? ____a) Cost differentiation____b) Customer intimacy ____c) Customer/Market focus ____d) Product differentiation____e) Motivation  7.  Kai, a human resources manager in a service
organization, has rewritten the policies and procedures manual and all job
descriptions to remove any idioms, and arranged for translations into six
languages.  This is an example of which
part of the dynamic environment of HRM? ____a) Employee involvement____b) Technology ____c) Inception____d) Labor unions____e) Workforce diversity 8.  Which of the following is NOT
an external influence that affects HRM? ____a) Labor unions____b) Laws and regulations____c) Job design____d) The dynamic environment____e) Current management practice  9.  Sofia graduated from college about 10 years
ago with an HRM degree.  She has
developed job analysis and job evaluation materials for three different
organizations.  She is well suited for
which senior HRM position?                 ____a) Compensation and benefits manager____b) Employee relations manager ____c) Labor relations manager____d)   Training and development manager____e) Employment manager 10.  How has Sarbanes-Oxley
affected HRM? ____a) HRM now monitors financial reporting to shareholders.____b) HRM must coordinate visas, work visas and travel arrangements.____c) HRM now supervises executive loans.____d)   HRM must certify financial reports.____e) HRM must create the environment where whistleblowers can come
forward without fear of reprisal. 11.  Comparable worth means that equal pay is provided for equal work,
regardless of gender or ethnicity. ____a)True____b)False 12.  The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994
prohibits employers from discriminating or retaliating against a job applicant
or employee based on prior military service. ____a)True____b)False 13.  Which of the following is
NOT true regarding Title VII
of the Civil Rights Act of 1964? ____a) It prohibits discrimination in
hiring, compensation, terms, conditions, and privileges of employment based on
race, religion, color, sex, or national origin.____b) It protects employees 30-65
years of age from discrimination.____c) It prohibits retaliation
against an individual who files a charge of discrimination.____d) It prohibits retaliation
against an individual who opposes any unlawful practice.____e) It specifies compliance based
on the number of employees in the organization. 14.  Executive Order 11246 ____a) prohibits discrimination on the
basis of race, religion, color, and national origin, by federal agencies as
well as those working under federal contracts.____b) added sex-based discrimination
Executive Order 11375.____c) granted the enforcement powers
for the EEOC.____d) affords EEO protection to
pregnant workers.____e) increased mandatory retirement
age from 65 to 70. 15.  The progressive discipline process starts with a written warning,
followed by a suspension, then a written verbal warning, and ending with a
dismissal. ____a)True____b)False  16.  Chris and
David both arrived one hour late for work today.  Chris was fired.  David was given a verbal warning.  Such disparate treatment for the same offense
could be considered fair and equitable for all of these reasons EXCEPT:                 ____a) Chris was a long term
employee.  David was a new hire.____b) Chris comes in late three or
four days a week.  He has been warned
repeatedly about consequences for such behavior.  David has never been late before.____c) Chris has proven to be an
unreliable employee.  He is inaccurate
and late in written work. He often misses meetings that he says he
attends.  David is a reliable employee in
other aspects of the job.____d) Upper management demands that
time rules be followed by all employees.____e) Chris missed the annual board
review. David had nothing scheduled until noon. 17.  Frank, a college intern in human resources management at a large
service organization, recently completed a job analysis for the 600 jobs in the
Phoenix operations center.  When Lloyd,
his boss, reviewed Frank’s work, he found that many known job activities were
not included. Further, some odd, even bizarre, activities were reported. Frank
cited the Hawthorne studies in his explanation of the results. What technique
did Frank use? ____a) Observation ____b) Diary____c) Structured questionnaire____d) Group interview____e) Technical Conference 18.  Richard
is a retired comptroller who spends tax season in Florida
working for Robert Half to pay his extra holiday bills for the
grandchildren.  He has worked with a
number of tax preparing agencies in the Tampa
area.  Robert Half pays his salary and
benefits.  Richard works for Robert Half
in the Northeast during the rest of the year. 
What kind of worker is he?                 ____a) Independent contractor____b) Fulltime____c) Leased employee____d) Permanent part-time____e) Recruiter 19.  Daniel is
an experienced interviewer for a large service organization.  He has just asked a job candidate what she
would do in this scenario:  “You show up
for a routine meeting.  The client greets
you, angry, yelling, and waving a piece of paper in your face that he asserts
contains a billing error.  How do you
handle the situation?”  What is Daniel
doing? ____a) Screening review ____b) Panel interview____c) Serial interview____d) Behavioral interview____e) Stress interview 20.  Rodríguez,
a production manager, wants to eliminate the socialization process for college
students with business degrees.  He says
they know what to do.  They should hit
the ground running.  Which of these
statements would defend the socialization program? ____a) New organizational members
suffer from anxiety unless they have been screened.____b) Individuals adjust to
situations in an increasingly diverse set of ways.____c) Organizational stability is
diminished through socialization.____d) Proper socialization increases organizational
stability over time.____e) Proper socialization is not
needed for manufacturing sector jobs. 21.  Stagnation in one’s current job usually occurs at the late-career
stage. ____a)True____b)False 22.  Kenyatta,
a new manager with an outstanding performance appraisal for her first year,
received an average raise and an average performance rating.  When she questioned her boss, she was told
that her new job was easy and that only an idiot would not perform as
well.  What rating error is evident? ____a) Attribution theory____b) Halo error____c) Similarity error____d) Low appraiser motivation____e) Inappropriate substitutes for
performance  23.  Shameka is the new compensation manager of a large manufacturing
company. She is currently redesigning the pay structure. She wants to be able
to break down jobs based on identifiable factors and the degree to which these
criteria exist on the different jobs in her company. What job evaluation method
should Shameka use?                 ____a) Classification method____b) Point method____c) Ordering method____d) Ranking method____e) Broad-banding method 24.  When the
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation takes over an underfunded pension plan, if
there aren’t enough assets in the pension plan to pay the retirement
obligations, then taxpayers will make up the difference. ____a)True____b)False 25.  Donna, a
45-year-old bank manager, is married to Darren, a 40-year-old economist with a
real estate development firm.  They
currently waive all optional portions of Donna’s retirement package. Darren
received a letter from his employer stating that the firm is changing
retirement and benefits plans the first of the year. How can they determine
which of their company pension retirement benefits plans should be changed or
kept?                   ____a) Social Security Administration
Review.____b) COBRA____c) Summary Plan Description____d) HIPPA____e) Pension Benefit Guaranty
Corporation PublicationsEssay 1. 
Describe the differences one may encounter when recruiting globally.  2. 
What should be considered when developing a policy on employee use of
social media? 3. 
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of searching social media as a
screening tool for applicants. 4.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of
(a) individual incentives, (b) group incentives, (c) organization-wide
incentives? 5. 
Describe the difference between a defined benefit pension plan and a
defined contribution pension plan.

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