9 Keys to Expand Wealth e-Book (ISBN: 978-0-9946592-3-1)

This little energetic book distils the essence of ‘Money Alchemy - into wealth and beyond’.

It shows you 9 key ways to look at money that will unlock the door to wealth energy, and expand self and wealth.

Infused with high energy and inspiration, these powerful gems will trigger new pathways of being.This will change the way you think about moneyand help you to bring more money into your life.

Kiki Theo is a rare combination of successful businesswoman from the highest echelons of the investment world and alchemial intuitive with herown brand of energetic wealth transformations.She straddles the worlds of finance and metaphysics, offering a unique blend of solid business experience, practical moneymaking tools and guidelines for personal growth. Her unusual style of inspiration, down-to-earth directness, quirkiness and business savvy have earned her a strong following of entrepreneurs worldwide, who credit her as the catalyst of their ongoing success.

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