PHL 458 Week 3 Solutions Presentation

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PHL 458 Week 3 Solutions

Search for problematic societal issues of public interest and
pick one issue you would like to resolve.

Express the issue you found in
your search. Refine your expression and include both the original and the
refined version. Justify your revision.

Investigate the issue by obtaining
necessary information. List the questions you must answer to understand the

Conclude your investigation with
a thorough explanation of the issue, including answers to each of the questions
you identified.

Produce ideas toward resolving this issue. Take note
of all of your initial ideas--whether you think they are ridiculous or serious
is not important.

Discuss the two ideas that you
think are the most imaginative, original, and positive potential solutions to
the issue.

Summarize your process and initial

Refine your team's solutions by
following Ch. 12 (overcoming errors in reasoning) and Ch. 13 (refining
resolutions) of the text and decide on the better of the two.

Present your refined final
resolution including an implementation plan.

Create a 10- to 15-slide
Microsoft® PowerPoint® or presentation.

  • Local Campus
    students, present your resolution process in a 10- to 15-minute

  • Online
    students, use detailed speaker notes to describe your team's experience at
    each stage.

Include one or two slides on
each of the following:

  • Original

  • Initial

  • Critical
    examination of best resolution

  • Evaluation
    of the argument

  • Revised

  • Refined
    resolution with implementation plan

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