2 unbanned, unshared kvs

Exclusive: 2 unbanned unshared *LEGIT* kvs
People who does not know what are kvs don't purchase this.Kv.bin is what you unbanned your xbox console.
Youtube Channel/ Snipe Warrior
Instagram- @vpostv
[email protected]
Instagram- snipe_warrior
~~~~~~WE EMAIL YOUR KV right away type the correct email when you purchase this so we email that email and we change kv every purchase. so conact us if you need help~~~
~~~~We accept paypal and amazon but we reccomened ~Paypal~
Paypal email- [email protected]
~~Kv~~ Unshared~~Unbanned~~LEGIT~~ Cheap~~~
~~Want a %10 discount off contact us.
But if you don't have ~Paypal~ Contact us to pay with ~~AMAZON~~
~Amazon~ Price $10/ ~Paypal~ Price $8.00  ~We Reccomened ~Paypal~
~If need help ~~CONTACT US~~
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