Wholepanel.java, circle.java, assignment7.RAR

Wholepanel.java, circle.java, assignment7

The Assignment 7 creates a WholePanel that is an extension of JPanel, add it to its content, and set a size for the applet. Creates the circle class to be used in the WholePanel class.| Handles creating the panels that will be used in the drawing program. Also handles the drawing and erasing logic.| declare private variables| method needs to be defined to draw in this panel| Canvas class| Handles a mousePressed event to create the center point of the circle| Handles a mouseReleased event to create a new circle and add it to an arrayList| Handles a mouseDragged event to create a circle outline to show where the circle will be drawn| PointListener| Create a copy of the circleList to recall if needed in an undo action| Recreate the circleList from the copyList to redraw it| If an erase call hasn't been made undo the last drawn circle| Allow the user to change the color
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