Alvrmed Urban Preset Pack 1

5 Adobe Lightroom presets, carefully designed by Curtis Heinzl (@Alvrmed).
These are the presets I use to edit my Instagram photos to achieve the dark blue shadows effect with boosted reds and oranges.

This pack includes:

  1. BLUE SHADES - Gives the dark blue effect with heightened reds and oranges, my favourite effect. This preset is usable on almost any photo, including sunsets! It is solely a colour filter, meaning it does not include Basic Develop settings. You must apply those yourself and then add this preset.

  2. ARKITEXTURE - Designed for indoor architecture, but works on other photos too! It creates a high contrast, white interior look and also tints the shadows blue.

  3. WATERY Creates teal blue tones, giving the effect of having just rained.

  4. EXTREMITY - The most extreme contrast! Works great on street scenes and street portraits.

  5. GRITTY CITY - Creates a desaturated, high contrast look for the most gritty of your street scenes and cityscapes.

These presets work on night photos as well, just remember to raise the exposure after applying them! Also, always remember to set the white balance to the proper value before applying the preset.

Instructions on installation are included in the download. If you have any questions, feel free send me a message.

All earnings will go towards new photography gear.



Instagram: @alvrmed | Email: [email protected]
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