Blue Infusion Webinar The Psyche Part2©

Clearing Out the Elemental Using Your Etheric

Having “enough” of Your-Self to Live here
The Areas you detach your Body from may have you feel this and more...
Keeping yourself ALIVE more than just eating or drinking water, it involves CONNECTING and being NEW
The Cosmos as it once was- Joyful Poignant, Sweet and yet Nostalgic- Returning to Beloved Areas
Cosmic Origins, the Psyche and Your Well-Being
How will your PSYCHE interact with you both if not with Psychic ability or Psychology?
Cleaning out Multiple levels, Ancient Lives, Cultures as well as Beliefs, which once were true, but not now
10th Dimensional Level-shifting from a Barrier Zone to a Level of Discernment, Playtime and Lovemaking for Seraphim,Ophanim and Cherubim
Accidents, Traumas, Cataclysms, Efforts at Ascending, all tend to come up, out, get triggered out, and eliminated
Before you blame, shame, judge......
"Allow the Balm of Spirit to come to you, Both of you, Allow the Love to Seep back in, Allow Healing to build Trust and Knowing and Allow each other the brand new Fresh Start being offered, Only here on Planet Earth"