CGS - Minilogue: Movements


                                           Minilogue Movements

This bank covers a lot of sonic territories, ideal for cinematic scoring, soundtracks, synthwave, chill and downtempo duties, to name a few genres. But there's nothing stopping you from using the sounds in any kind of genre, this bank really do travel a lot of sonic territories. Drawing power from the core strength of the Minilogue, its powerful oscillator section. Wave shaping, cross mod, ring mod, sync and more, in a myriad of combinations, providing an amazing array of timbres before even touching the rest of the synth.

There are 200 finely crafted presets in this large bank.

  • Textures, soundscapes and harmonically rich sounds, that are playable in a traditional manner, are often a secret weapon when scoring movies. 

  • You will find lush and expressive pads, from cold to warm, from static to evolving and moving.

  • Characterful keys, bells, chimes and pianos waiting to be played. 

  • Various lush plucks are of course very much present here as well.

  • Smooth, crispy, tinkly and cosmic arps is the last main ingredient.

  • While the majority of the sounds are focused around the above, there are 40 contemporary/vintage bass, leads and stabs ideal for any kind of electronic duties.

Being able to be as expressive as possible using only velocity and the slider on the Minilogue was one of the important things while doing this bank. So the majority of the presets make good use out of the slider, adding movement to pads, quick filter cuts, morphing the sounds, and so on. Try it!


While you can use and abuse these sounds in your music productions however you want, commercially or non-commercially, do keep in mind that this license is only valid for you, the original buyer, you're not allowed to redistribute the bank and the presets.


To use these sounds on your Minilogue you will need the official Minilogue librarian from Korgs website ( Backup your entire Minilogue with the librarian before doing anything else. Read the librarian manual to get more info on how to organize presets and banks.

Soundcloud Playlist:

Demo presets / patches:

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