HST 155 Week 1 Clash of Cultures Worksheet

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HST 155 Week 1 Clash of Cultures Worksheet

Complete Appendix A: Clash of Cultures worksheet.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

Part A:  Clash of Cultures in South, Central and North America


Using the course materials, complete the grid by describing the characteristics listed in the left-side column for the four groups named.





























































































Native Americans (this refers to tribes only in the areas the Europeans settled)
Spanish Colonies
French Colonies
British Colonies
Location in the Americas (Not just in North America)

Ignore this box as they are located all over
What were the reasons this country explored?  What are the reasons they then colonized the Americas? The reasons for exploration might not be the same as for why they colonized.


Ignore this box as this does not apply to the Native Americans
Economic Structure (this refers to how both the colonists and the mother country made money.  It also refers to how the Native Americans acquired wealth.)
Political Structure (this refers to how the government was run in the colonies.  This is not about how the European countries ruled their land back in Europe.)
Religion (what religion(s) were influential in these colonies and what was the impact of religion on the government and people in those colonies (or tribes for the Native Americans)


Part B:  While it is important to understand why and how the different European empires colonized the Americas, this course focuses on the United States and its colonial origins.  You are now going to write a 350-word essay in which you examine ONE of the following topics about how the groups clashed in British North America:






Pilgrims and Native Americans in Massachusetts


The kidnapping of colonists by Native Americans


Pequot War


Jamestown’s relationships with Native Americans


The differences between indentured servants and slaves


The King Philip War


The Deerfield Massacre


The early anti-slavery movement


The enslavement of Native Americans




Cite at least two references (you are to use the course materials but can use additional resources in addition to those provided.)


Format your essay consistent with APA guidelines (use the citation and reference generator found in the University’s library for help with doing this.  You can also ask your professor for assistance.  This will be required on ALL assignments.)


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