Highlighted questions

Highlighted questions

First two highlighted questions need to be 150 words or more.. all others only need to be 50 words or more…

Between a periodic physical inventory and a computer-track inventory, which has more value and why in your opinion? 

What are three potential consequences of a poorly planned and monitored receiving process? How could these consequences have been prevented?

However what the computer says and what is really there are two different things as you pointed out. So when should a physical inventory be taken? Is it different depending on the product you have on hand? 

The reason I say this is the way they handle the inventory on a daily basis with ordering is all computerized. When they sell something it tells the system that they need to ship that amount to the store. Another company that does the same type of system is Ikea. However as you said employees can scan the wrong merchandise in, there can be shrinkage or loss and then the physical inventory is different than what the computer says. How can this same concept be applied to the food service industry? 

For the most part depending on the business they will always do a physical inventory in this business and then if they can afford a computerized will have this as well. When they take the physical is the biggest difference. What happens when there is a discrepancy? 

So this is important from a kitchen aspect to know what you are going through in order to know what to order and to inventorize the items. Is it just as simple as inventorize the items? How do you know what you need to have on hand?

Class, how will the Internet change the way restaurants attract and serve customers? 

Class, why is touch screen technology so important to the restaurant industry? What are its three types? 

Class, what does your book say regarding the 2 options that are available?  Please be thorough in your responses.

Class, what are the broad areas of functionality that a property management system must provide? 

When was the last time you were at a restaurant that did not have a web site?

Has anyone had a bad experience with trying out a restaurant that they have googled searched? 

Assignment 1. 

Identify two or three recent trends and changes in the food market.

Explain in 200 to 300 words how these changes influence the purchasing function.

APA format please. 

Assignment 2. 

Imagine you have just been promoted to general manager for a new hotel chain in your area. You need to have a PMS installed in your hotel restaurant. Before your investor will give you the funds to install the new system, you must explain to your investor the functionality and benefits of the system.

Prepare a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that addresses the functionality and the benefits of a PMS. Be sure to include detailed speaker notes.

APA format please.
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