Rachel's Long Bob Haircut with Slight Layers - VDO Digital Video on Demand Download

Rachel's very long hair is driving her crazy. She wants a shorter cut...but not too short; just 10" taken off. After a brief interview, where she tosses her hair, she takes a seat in the barber chair. She has a neck strip wrapped around her neck and a large blue cape draped over her. (Sometimes her bare feet peek out). Once her hair has been brushed out, it is then put into two pigtails, a clippers cut through the hair neatly. The hair is wet down with a spray bottle. Using a comb and scissors, the stylist finishes the long, shoulder-length bob. A hair dryer and paddle brush are used to give the thick hair some volume. Because Rachel will still need to put her hair up, her hair is put into a ponytail, and then released from the elastic hair band. Rachel's haircut is perfect for her lifestyle. Duration 49 minutes, screen size: 720x48, format .wmv
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