BlockBasic Minecraft Website Template

Sale: Price knocked down! Grab a bargain!

This dark themed modern minecraft template BlockBasic is great for any server! This template requires absolutely no coding to edit all of the main content so anybody can use it by simply tweaking the 'settings.php' file. Want to know what you can edit? Here's a list:
The Logo;
Site Name;
Site Background;
Site Tagline;
Tagline Image;
Tagline Background;
All Text on Homepage;
Server IP/Port (This is used so that the template can check how many people are online etc.);
The images, title and text of the 3 columns on the homepage;
6 Different staff members;
BuyCraft URL in navigation bar;
Forums URL in navigation bar.

Buyout price: £125 - email [email protected] for more details.
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