EC400 Early Childhood Math and Science

EC400 Early Childhood Math and Science

Assignment 08

EC400 Early Childhood Math and Science 

Part 1 

Unit 33 presented a basic formula for facilitating science investigations: the teacher poses a question, listens to hypothesis or predictions, allows students to investigate and collect data, listens to the data from the class, and records it for the class to see. Then the teacher facilitates a discussion to compare the data with the original hypotheses. 

Your assignment is to choose an objective relevant to science for the primary grades. You should use a state standard just as you did for Assignment 4. Then use the same lesson plan outline you did for Assignment 4 (see the table below) to create an inquiry-based science lesson. 

For this assignment, instead of an initial activity, you will start your lesson with a “motivating question,” a question posed for the students to form hypotheses about. For the extension of the lesson, do not come up with activities; instead come up with at least two well thought-out questions you could ask your students that may require further investigations. These questions could be “what if” questions related to changing a variable.

Part 2 

As you did your reading for Lesson 7, it brought about the understanding that math and science can, and should be, intertwined with literacy.

Books can serve many purposes in math and science.

Books can be used as initial activities in lessons to grab the students’ attention.

Books can help foster the use of concept words.

Books can serve as visual aids in understanding math and science concepts.


Using children’s books is a great way to teach math and science concepts across the curriculum.

Find three children’s books that could be used in correlation with a particular math or science concept or skill.

In paragraph form, be sure to identify the title and author of each book.

Give a brief overview of each book, and explain which math or science concept or skill you would use each book to help teach.

Finally, briefly describe an activity you could do with the students as an extension of each story to help teach the concept or skill. 

You may use the Internet and/or Appendix B in your textbook to help you find books.
Grading Rubric 

Please refer to the rubric on the next page for the grading criteria for this assignment.
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