HIS324 week1-1

It depends on which way you are to look at it. It was positive for the Europeans who are now Americans. They were able to obtain land and to have freedom of speech. They established schools and universities for their children. It gave them the opportunity to grow as a community and as a developing nation. Education would not be where it is today if it were not for the colonist. Now on the other had the Native Americans whose land that the colonist stole and then killed them. They did not allow them (Native Americans) to attend their schools for they were looked upon as savages. Native Americans were more concerned about educating their youth on survival skills, which were more important at that time than book knowledge. “Survival also required that the balance of nature be maintained. Children were taught to hunt and farm in sustainable ways” (Gaither, 2010). In that sense it was negative. For that the Native Americans were fine with how they were educating their young and living
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