HIS135 Week 1 Assignment Korean War

HIS135 Week 1 Assignment: Korean War

Korean War Choose one of the following options:

Option One: Key Decisions

Define each of the following key decisions in the Korean War in two or three sentences:
• The departure of American and Soviet troops from Korea in 1949
• North Korea attacks: June 24, 1950
• Truman’s response to the Korean invasion: June 25-30, 1950
• The decision to invade North Korea
• China joining the Korean War
• Truman’s refusal to allow direct conflict with China
• MacArthur’s going public in arguing for war with China
• Negotiation over POWs and stalemate
• Threatens nuclear bombs


Option Two: Outcomes

Identify two of the most immediate effects of the Korean War and two of the long-term effects of the Korean War. On the basis of the outcomes of the war, argue in 400-450 words whether or not Truman’s response to the North Korean invasion in June 1950 was justified.
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