Buy an intro with your name.


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Buying this product will give you a .txt file with my social networks to contact me. It will require proof of purchase.

REFUNDS: According to Sellfy's policies.

TIME: Intros will usually be done in a couple days, but in severe cases, it takes up to 3 WEEKS.

REMINDER: Do NOT bother me about making the intro. No, I didn't forget, and I will get to it as soon as I have time. After every order, I put it on a sticky note so I do not forget.

SPECIFICS: I will pick the song for most of the products. You can suggest a song, but I will not always use it. If you want to be a simple customer, all I need is a NAME and a COLOR. Maximum 8 letters (if you have the name "Xx_RealPvP_xX", only "Real" will be used in the intro). Maximum 15 seconds.

LICENSE: I can do whatever I want with my content, but I will also give you full permissions to use it.

FINAL FILE: I will give you an .mp4 file of your intro in high resolution (1080p). If you prefer, I can upload it to a file server in the cloud as MEGA or MediaFire.
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