Apollo Rig V2

Those who bought the “Apollo
Rig V1” and want to upgrade to this version (v2) have to send me 5€ on
PayPal. I’m truly sorry it has to be this way, but piracy let me no other
option! (Contact me via Twitter to get the V2) https://twitter.com/its_apollo99

*This also contains my LightRoom V2!*


-6 Controller Mouth

-Jointed Eyes with 8
controllers each

-Best eyebrows ever!

-Preset Apollo's hair
(been using this for a long time)

-Of course, and as expected you can change all
this colors, and customize it yourself!

-IK Spline tongue


-Mouth open Controller

-Nose (3 controllers to deform it)


-12 Joint back            

-IK Spline 

-Auto Weighting (Click on the tag on screen, and
press initialize! Done!

-Choose what Spline
type to use! Very usefull!

Arms and Legs

-3 Types of bends: Rigid, Smooth, and Super Smooth


-Jointed Ankles, perfect for animation (Manual and


And…much, much more!


The rig is extrude-able, this means you can
extrude the cloth from your character to make it look better! To hide the controllers
you just need to go to Filter- uncheck spline :P

Have fun using this rig and tag me in twitter so I
can see your creations!

--Please don't pirate, anyone who does it will be
punished and banned.

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