Flarum on shared hosting

Flarum on shared hosting

  1. So the procedure is as follows:

  2. download the beta zip file

  3. extract the files on your computer

  4. download an FTP programm, for instance filezilla (which is free, but download it only from the own website)

  5. install the ftp programm

  6. connect to your hosting environment, you'll need a server (hostname), an username, a password and a port (default 21) to connect to. These are provided by your webhoster.

  7. (in filezilla) you have your local (computer) files on the left and the server files on the right

  8. open the directory with the extracted flarum installation on the left

  9. open the directory of your website's public directory on the right, this will be named either public, public_html, www, the name of your domain or it's the current directory (let's not hope so)

  10. drag the files from the left to the right, make sure you select all of them

  11. open your browser and enter the url of your website

  12. the installer should open, you'll need to enter database settings, these are too provided by your hosting provider.

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