Show a list of five animals. A prediction is also placed in full view, with “My mascot!” written on it. The spectator has to find your mascot! For this, she has to name a number from 1 to 5 (or 6 by throwing a dice). She can decide to start from the top of the list or from the bottom . It freely determines one of the animals. And of course, it is the same as your mascot in the envelope!With TATOO, the list can be much bigger (100+ animals), and still with only 1 prediction. Key points:
- There is only one card in the prediction! It is not necessary to use the envelope.
- Everything can be easily changed to a different issue every time.
- Easy, simple, direct, short (les than 1 minute)

- Examples of images
- “TATTOO”: list of 50+, 100+ . Only 1 prediction.
- Idea for stage
- Addendum: “The JANUS force”