raffle game

Create your own Facebook game! Users can do social activities (like, share, tweet, etc.) to get more raffle tickets! The more tickets they get, the more chance to win the prize. The best choice for making brands and promotion campaigns more powerful! Version 4.0 is here with powerful admin panel! Checkout how easy to manage the game! Get more conversions on any social platform! \\ Support your site/channel with custom skin social buttons. Users can earn extra tickets with social activities listed below: \\ Subscribe to your Youtube channel. \\ Google+ your site. \\ Tweet on Twitter (adjustable text). \\ Follow your channel on Twitter. \\ Share your site on LinkedIn. \\ Invite 5 (adjustable) friends to game at Facebook. \\ Share game on Facebook. \\ Subscribe to your newsletter. Get new fans with like gate! \\ You can enable like gate, so users have to like your page to play. You can choose hidden like gate, so users will automatically like your page if the press the Play button. Statistics about new likes and old fans too. Like button with custom design for best fit. Available on multiple platform! Facebook: Game runs at your Facebook page via page tab application. Website: You can easily embed to any type of website (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, simple HTML, etc) without programming skills. Checkout demo! Hybrid: Same contest can run at your Facebook page and at your website concurrently. Mobile/tablet: Responsive, mobile optimized version.
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