Minecraft intro (SnowAspect)

Custom made-to-order animated Minecraft intro.

After ordering, send an email to [email protected] showing proof of purchase.


1. Don't repeatedly ask me when the intro will be finished, I have things to do other than animating.

2. Intros will be 10-20 seconds long unless I specify otherwise.  

3. You can pick a song but I may end up using a different one.  (I'll ask you first.)

4. I don't extrude apart from the 3D head layer.  Don't ask me to extrude.

5. No combos, enderpearl or otherwise.

6. 3 characters maximum, if you want more it's $1 each.

7. The intro is considered finished once I upload it to YouTube. If you would like it changed after that, re-renders (skin changes, name changes, etc) are $1.

8. If you would like a v2/v3/whatever of your intro, buy a new one.
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