DJI Cinematic Drone LUT Pack


These 5 handcrafted LUTs are made to be used with the Normal color profile of the DJI drones as well as the D-Cinelike profile. Nevertheless they will work with every other drone or camera as well. Just make sure to avoid shooting in a stylized picture profile.

LUTs inculded:
- DJI Classic | basic warm summer tone with vibrant blue and red
- DJI Dawn | teal & orange summer look with added highlights
- DJI Evermore | gritty desaturated look with added clarity and crushed highlights
- DJI Red Rock | red tint in the shadows and a overall warm feeling
- DJI Ultra | blue tint look with popping greens and extra saturation

If you have any problems working with the LUTs just let me know and i'll bee happy to help you.
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