BUS 620- Managerial Marketing week 1 assignment 1

The New York Times cannot compete with digital media and still deliver the best quality news because as stated by The Future of The New York Times (2005), “Advertising accounts for almost all of the digital operations revenues”(par.32). Much of the revenue from newspapers come from classified advertising, but the majority of this form of advertisement has moved to the Internet. Individuals and companies seeking to buy or sell products and services now us sites like Amazon and Craigslist, also job opportunities are posted on site like Careerbuilder.com and Indeed which has mad it hard for giants like The New York Times to compete. Marketers have utilized the innovation of clicks per ad, this how can the innovation allows Markets to monitor how my people click on their ads and if that click resulted in a purchase, it is a great way for marketers to better target their audience
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