HST 155 Week 1 Clash of Cultures Worksheet

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 HST 155 Week 1 Clash of Cultures Worksheet

Complete Appendix A: Clash of Cultures worksheet.

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Appendix A


Clash of Cultures


Complete the grid by describing the characteristics listed in the left-side column for the five groups listed on top.









































































































Native Americans
Northern Colonists
Mid-Atlantic Colonists
Southern Colonists
West Africans
Economic Structure
Political Structure
Social System
Cultural Values


Write a 350-word essay in which you examine one of the following topics about how the groups conflicted:





Pilgrims and Native Americans in Massachusetts


The kidnapping of colonists by Native Americans


Pequot War


Jamestown’s relationships with Native Americans


The differences between indentured servants and slaves


Racial issues in the 17th century


The Deerfield Massacre


The early anti-slavery movement


The enslavement of Native Americans


Biological crossover, with a focus on disease



Cite at least two references.


Format your essay consistent with APA guidelines.
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