261 : Miss Iris cranking in leather boots

Miss Iris, dressed with a grey coat and black boots, gets in her Renault 5. She can't wait to have a long and cute trip with her beloved car, so as soon as she gets in, she asks how is she going.

She turns the key and the car doesn't give any sign of life. "I know it's cold, I feel it as well here honey!", she says. She tries if using the choke helps the car to start up, but in every position she puts in, the car engine doesn't make any noise! The car doesn't want to start at all!

She stays calm and relaxed because she knows it will start later on! Or at least this is what she is hoping for. She tries again and again to move the choke or pump the pedal in different ways, to see if it makes any difference, but nothing!

After lots of failed starting attempts, the car almost starts up! But she still doesn't want to get up and start working so it stalls right after.

But as Miss Iris is determined to start it up now, she goes on trying!

Will she manage to start the car without stalling it again?
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