245 : Miss Iris & Miss Black Mamba muddy feet

Miss Iris, wearing a coat and pink high heels, is driving in a countryside road while Miss Black Mamba, wearing a black leather jacket and knee high heels boots, is holding the camera.

Miss Iris has some problems with the car, because she has to fight a lot to not make the car stuck in this muddy road! They are trying to reach work, and Miss Iris thought this road can be a good shortcut to arrive on time!

Suddenly the mud is getting worse and worse… and the car gets stuck! While Miss Black Mamba blame Miss Iris for the wrong road, Iris has to pump hard on the pedal while trying to find a way to get unstuck! She pushes hard on the gas pedal either in first gear or in reverse, but the car does’t move at all away from this mud road!

They then decide that it’s better to push the car out using their force, even if it means that they will dirty all their shoes!

They push harder and harder, but they are too weak so the car doesn’t move of one inch! But now they have all their feet full of mud! It’s all a mess!

 Will they get to work on time?
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