Jack-O-Lantern Singing Pumpkins BatesHaunt HD Stock Video

Bring BatesHaunt's original song Jack-O-Lantern to your haunt with this full-HD stock clip version. The pumpkins sing of the certain doom that awaits trick-or-treaters who don't respect their evil grins. At the end they are joined by a pumpkin chorus that sings along. This clip contains the pumpkins singing the song on a black background, so it is easy to integrate into your show. This zip file includes 2 versions: One with lightning flashes and sound, and one without for maximum flexibility. Thanks for your support of BatesHaunt! If you are interested in a package of multiple clips please contact Dave at [email protected] These videos are licensed for public home presentation. Duplication for personal use is allowed, but duplication or distribution for any other purpose is not. Please contact [email protected] to obtain permission for commercial use or if you have questions about these licensing terms.