Magic Forest

Magic Forest


Cello, Violin, Synth

Remember that time you were lost in the woods and you were visited by the clan of  centaurs, and they were super suspicious of you, but decided to take you back to their settlement anyway? It never happened! That was a screen memory! There are no centaurs, and they wouldn't live in forest settlements! That was an alien abduction. The aliens planted the memory of the forest centaurs so your brain wouldn't implode with the knowledge of trans-dimensional beings... such as themselves. And... unrelated, but... what comes to mind when you think about the smell of wet cardboard and Sriracha?

This download includes the following files:

Magic Forest - Cello.wav

Magic Forest - Drone.wav

Magic Forest - Full Mix.wav

Magic Forest - Violin.wav

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ISRC: USUAN1600044
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