EHR Security Issues

Assignment Number One: EHR Security Issues

This assignment is a 4 to 5 page paper that focuses on the security issues of paper and

electronic health record systems and the issues to be considered when converting to an EHR

system. You should be sure to:

● Compare and contrast the security issues between maintenance of paper medical

records and EHR.

● Discuss what requirements and issues need to be considered when doing a conversion

to an EHR.

● Use three outside references to support your views and requirements.

● All outside references need to be in APA format

Assignment Number Two:

Instructions: Development of a HIPAA Security Training

● Create a 10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation on the HIPAA Security Rule suitable for a

healthcare facility.

● Include the security rule’s components including administrative, physical and technical


● Include graphics and other visuals to enhance the presentation.

● Include any supplemental materials, as appropriate, in the speaker notes.

● Include a title page and reference page.