In the Chambers of the Sea (Susan Rendell)

In the Chambers of the Sea by Susan Rendell
Listening Time: roughly 9 hours
10-digit  ISBN: 0-9734223-6-X
13-digit  ISBN: 978-0-9734223-6-8
Originally published in book form by Killick Press in 2003.

Fourteen short stories read by Anita Best, Deirdre Gillard-Rowlings, Joel Thomas Hynes, Susan Rendell, Janet Russell, Janis Spence, Francesca Swann and Agnes Walsh.

Runner-up, 2004 Writers' Union of Canada Danuta Gleed Literary Award
Winner, 2004 Newfoundland and Labrador/Bennington Gate Book Award
Short-list, 2003 Winterset Award

In the Chambers of the Sea read by Anita Best 32:00
Justine read by Janis Spence 68:00
Asking Jesus to Dance read by Joel Thomas Hynes 19:30
When I Was a Dog read by Agnes Walsh 31:30
The Way to Get Home read by Deirdre Gillard-Rowlings 31:00
Estate of Grace read by Francesca Swann 35:00
Light Years read by Joel Thomas Hynes 39:00
Ozymandias in His Pyjamas read by Deirdre Gillard-Rowlings 57:00
Roses and Rationalists ready by Agnes Walsh 30:00
Ladies Wear read by Janis Spence 34:00
Swimming to Lourdes read by Anita Best 35:00
The Quality of Mercy read by Janet Russell 68:00
Peripheral Vision read by Susan Rendell 31:00
A Day at the Races read by Janis Spence 49:00

Acting Direction: Janis Spence
Recorded and produced by Janet Russell
Stories recorded at the dwelling of Frank Holden.
Additional recordings by the sea.
Photographs: Merrill Francis
Design: John Andrews

“A peculiar fusion of tragedy and comedy. Rendell’s plots are disturbing, her characters depressing, but when they are viewed through the lens of her strange humour, the effect is exhilarating. In the manner of David Lynch’s film Blue Velvet, surreal horror is joined with absurdity to produce a sensibility that at first may seem grotesque, but is truly original and vital.”
- Patrick Kavanagh, The Fiddlehead

In the Chambers of the Sea by Susan Rendell is another EarLit audio book title from Rattling Books, Newfoundland publisher of Canadian audiobooks.
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